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Tennis Racket Size for Kids Based on Age - Simple Guide

21 inches. 23 inches. 25 inches. 26 inches. Adult rackets can range all the way up to 29 inches, ...

Tennis Racket Length, Kids - Size Chart

Tennis Racket Length, Kids Tennis is a fun game - for both adults and kids! But to make tennis ...

Tennis Racket Size Age 13 - Image Results

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Junior Tennis Racket Size Guide | Chart & Measures – My Tennis HQ

Smaller junior rackets tend to use a standard size of 3.875 inches, although the grips of the tiniest frames will probably be even smaller. 26-inch rackets typically have a 4 inch (size 0) grip, and once the step to a full-sized 27-inch racket is taken a 4.125 inch (size 1) grip is common. Once a child is ready to move up to a 27-inch frame ...

Tennis Racquet Head Size & Length | Guide + Charts for Adults ...

Tennis Racquet Head Sizes. The head size of a tennis racquet refers to the area of the racquet’s head where the strings create the face or stringbed, measured in square inches or centimeters. These days, the vast majority of tennis racquets will have head sizes that range somewhere between 85 – 110 in² (548 – 710 cm²).

What Size Tennis Racket Do High Schoolers Use? [Latest Info ...

As we mentioned earlier, the length depends on the adult-size racquets. As the levels go up, they have the ability to play easily and make the high feet transition’s. However, if the player is an adult over 10, 12, 13, or more, they can definitely choose the 27 inches and up racquets.

What Size Tennis Racket Should You Get? - Tennis 4 Beginners

Below is a general guide for racket length by age. Recommended Racket Length by Age Under 5 years old: 19″ racket length 6-8 years old: 21″ to 23″ racket length 9-10 years old: 25″ racket length 11 and above: 26″ racket length. Cross Section. Cross-section affects how flexible a racket is.