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2-3 Zone Defense - The Complete Guide - Basketball For Coaches

They are: You can choose for the guard to sag into the lane, allowing the simple pass from the corner to the wing while preventing... You can get the guard to completely deny the pass back outside and force the corner player to make a decision and be...

Zone Defense Concepts & Tips - Breakthrough Basketball

Some zone defenses can be more susceptible to the 3-point shot. Players are limited in their athletic development and foot coordination in the zone (there is less movement,... The offense can take advantages of mis-matches by putting their best player in the "zone area" of the opponents' weakest... ...

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3-2 Basketball Zone Defense Rotations

Ball on wing: Defender 3 comes out to guard the ball. Defender 1 drops down to the high post area. Ball in corner: Defender 5 goes out to guard the ball. Defender 4 slides over to defend the low post. Defender 2 drops down to either defend the opposite low block or the wing if a skip pass is thrown.

Basketball Defense - 2-3 Zone Defense, Coach's Clipboard ...

X1 denies the pass back to O1, X5 denies the high post pass, and X3 denies the pass to the block. It's "one trap and out". If the offense breaks the trap or passes out successfully, just drop back into the usual 2-3 zone.

3-2 Zone Defense - Complete Coaching Guide

If the 3-2 zone defense is executed correctly, the only time the opposition should get a post up opportunity is off a pass from the corner or possibly the wing. Here are the rotations if this happens: The weak-side post player will defend the low post one-on-one from behind. The weak-side wing player must immediately drop to help defense position.

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Zone defense is not explicitly prohibited, but there is a defensive three-second penalty occurring when a defender is inside the lane without guarding an offensive player. From the NBA Rules: Section VIII-Defensive Three-Second Rule. a. The count starts when the offensive team is in control of the ball in the front-court. b.

8 Laws for Basketball Defense - Online Basketball Drills

8 Laws for Basketball Defense 1. Keep The Ball Out of the Middle. When guarding a dangerous offensive player, you’re either going to trap or you’re... 2. Exploit Weak Ballhandlers. You cannot allow a big man to take the ball uncontested from half court. You must cut him... 3. Maintain Contact in the ...

Villanova's Rules for 2-3 Zone Defense! - YouTube

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