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So I do believe American football is overrated. It is a dangerous sport that “eat their young” so to speak and should be limited to professionals (similar to boxing), instead of having young children practice it en-mass. It should not be playing such a role in children's school experiences and their social hierarchy.

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Football is overrated, and before you get angry, please finish reading. This is an unpopular opinion, and that`s okay, but I know I`m not alone in it. When I mentioned this while watching/listening/zoning in and out of the game, I got a few looks, which I expected, but I won`t conform and try to believe football is this amazing thing that the world would end without, because it`s not.

Let's Bitch About It: Football is boring and overrated

Let’s Bitch About It: Football is boring and overrated. by Lydia Murray January 22, 2018. April 20, 2021. Share this: Picture the ideal game day: Sunny, warm, but not too hot. O’Korn is not slated to play and the renowned University of Michigan team is ranked and ready to win. Thousands of fans flock to Ann Arbor, while college kids prepare ...

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Baseball is one of the most boring sports there is. Even baseball players have admitted it's boring. Standing around for most of the time. Nothing big happens most of the time. NFL leads baseball for that reason. What's actually treated like religion is actually soccer or futbol, that's the world's sport. It's only in America that football is king.

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Even though it’s one of the most popular and powerful sports leagues to grace the USA, the NFL grows to be more overrated each year. What made the NFL so popular in the first place was the relentless violence. During the peak of its’ popularity, it was basically a stress relieving activity to watch an NFL football game.

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Football in my opinion, it is not only overrated, but extremely boring. It’s so annoying when you go somewhere, and people are constantly saying “hey did you see that game last night”? Or you’ll walk into like a bar or something with a game on, and people will be screaming they’re fucking heads off as if they’re getting murdered.

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For some people "Football is not a matter of life and death but way more than that" For some "Football is life the rest are mere details." Popularity of a sport is defined by the passion people have for the game. Football is not overrated. The popularity it receives is because of all the passionate fans who follow it with all their hearts.

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American Football is not only overrated, it is getting very boring. I've tried for a very long time to try and get into football, but in reality there's no point. I don't find it very interesting, and I get much more enjoyment out of watching other sports like hockey. It seems the same 3 teams get the farthest every year and the super bowl every year just is the same teams, no variety really.

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