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High Speed Automatic Lace Band Crochet Machine Series
High Speed Automatic Lace Band Crochet Machine Series

Crochet machine also called crochet knitting machine or crochet loom machine. Crochet machine is one of the types of weft knitting machine. Two types of crochet machine for KY recommend. One is for non-lace flat band, suitable for underwear elastic or bandages. Another is for lace band, suitable for button elastic or bra straps, even elastic bandage with compression.

There are different structurally from crochet machine depending on the product use. The structural with a crochet machine is classified into five types according to weft yarn bar, needle drive, gauge, link and bearded needle.

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For flat tape:
Lady's underwear, rigid and elastic body belt, medical bandage and etc.

For Lace:
Lady's underwear, rigid and elastic body belt, elastic bandages for body support belts, knee caps, gauze, lace and tape, etc.

Flat band crochet machine main produce 2" or less thin elastic and non-elastic tapes and medical bandages.,indiacsonline

free poker rooms with friends,Lace band crochet machine main produce elastic and non-elastic tapes in various kinds of lace band, like underwear bra straps, buttonhole elastic, etc.

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If you have spare parts requirements, please fill out the form by "Spare Parts Inquiry" and provide ID number of the machine. And also provie the part number according to the parts manual, the parts quantity, photos or provide a sample of the parts. Will be served by a business specialist. get-it-know

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roz rummy,Based in Taiwan, rohit sharma Delicate Machine Co., Ltd. is one of the leading High Speed Automatic Lace Band Crochet Machine Series | textile machinery manufacturers since 1964.

rohit sharma (KY) industrial textile machines are designed to deliver fine quality textile knitting products such as elastic tapes, ribbon tapes, safety belts, luggage belts, hooks and loops, etc. Their textiles equipment is productive, high speed, easy to operate. It includes needle loom machines, weaving machines, label printing machines, weaving loom machines and more.,888 sport complaints

rohit sharma (KY) has been offering customers high quality textile machinery since 1964. Both with advanced technology and 57 years of experience, rohit sharma (KY) makes sure meet customer's demands are met.,kung fu soccer

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